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Filtered Water

Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic Fractionated Coconut oil

Essential Oils

Optiphen Plus

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Flourish-This sassy floral deodorant is the perfect way to curve body odor. Notes of soothing lavender paired with sweet geranium and smooth ylang-ylang flowers will have you swooning all day. The geranium flower really steals the show in this formula because it exits your pores as you sweat, so you will smell like flowers while you are knee deep in your workout! Stay fresh with our newest floral cocktail.

Lavendar and Eucalyptus-This soothing and airy deodorant is a great fit for our seasoned deodorant spray users who have fully transitioned. In comparison to our other deodorants, this unique blend is not as strong smelling but still packs a powerful punch against odor-causing bacteria because we added in witch hazel to this formula. If you are in love with all things lavender or eucalyptus then free your senses with this earthy blend.

Grapefruit and Mint-This uplifting and stimulating blend is the perfect summer go to. Whether it’s for a quick underarm refresher or a midday pick-me-up this deodorant does not disappoint. Spray it in the air and inhale to relieve brain fog or sleepiness, Spray it on yourself during the warmer months and allow the coolness of the peppermint to revive you, or spray when and where deodorizing is needed for a citrusy clean feeling. There are so many options with this blend that we are will leave you satisfied and wanting more

**Disclaimer Do not spray on skin that will be directly exposed to sunlight as the product contains oils that are photosensitive and can cause a skin burn.**

Lemongrass and Tea Tree- Our first signature deodorant that won’t disappoint!

Lemongrass and tea tree essential oil both have one thing in common; their unique ability to renew and heal the skin it meets. This invigorating blend not only speaks to the senses by keeping you feeling and smelling fresh all day, it also aids in the detoxing and repairing of your underarms. This is perfect for the person who is just making the switch to natural deodorant and needs some extra TLC to the underarm area.


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